quercus de vita et morte

I was Wiccan for eleven years, and now I’m creating my own tradition with my two children and my husband. I used to run a pretty well known blog on Tumblr (well among the pagan/witchcraft side anyway) where I posted about my spiritual path and magick education and helped other people with theirs, but as I became pregnant with my first son and the climate of pagan/craft Tumblr changed, I decided to leave and work 100% privately and off the internet. Recently my life has changed in away that ushers me back to posting about my spiritual/magickal life again, but I have decided I’d rather stay off Tumblr, so here I am today.

I work with ancestors and am exploring Necromancy (in the spiritwork sense of the term), and do a lot of divining work with Tarot (I use Rider-Waite and Thoth), and am a seer. My husband is a channeler, and we often use our talents in unison as well as teach each other what we can. Magickally I have some side hobbies as well, including, but not limited to; ceromancy, astrology, palmistry, austromancy, bibliomancy, scrying, and tasseography.

Magickally, I don’t work with deities or beings that are really known outside of my family, like… at all, so mentions will be kinda vague often times. We aren’t Wiccan, but we do fit into the Pagan umbrella.


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