Book of Keys and Just Diving In

Getting started on our family book this week finally. I wanted to have it done up years ago before I even had fathomed actually having a family, but now that our spiritual path has changed and evolved I’m glad to have waited. I’m doing it in sections of everyday rites to special occasions and holy days/seasons and putting all the dry information in the middle/back. It’s proving to be a super easy organization method which honestly really surprised me. The times I’ve written a spiritual record books of some sort in the past I had a bit of an issue with section flow. It’s working well though. After I’ve gotten all my sections concrete, I get to start with the meat of the book and I’m both nervous and excited about that. Luckily mistakes are easily remedied and learned from.

I need to actually do something for this month before it passes into the next. I’d feel bad if any of my deities/immortals were left out in a year. Even the ones I have tenuous relationships with. Keeping up oaths is a good way to show them reverence even if I don’t actively do a rit or something though and insanely important as well. Still, I definitely should go about doing even a little something. It’s not like it’s hard or has to take much time, and my gods abhor laziness. I surely don’t want that red mark on my folder.