2/26/2016 | Daily Tarot

Today’s Card is the Empress:


The Empress is pretty self explanatory, embodying that classic “Mother” vibe. She’s a defender, a builder, an unconditional lover. You, know, that kind of thing. (continued under Read More) Continue reading “2/26/2016 | Daily Tarot”


5/21/16 | Daily Tarot & Current Magick Work

Today’s card is the Seven of Cups (AKA; Lord of Debauch):


This card often comes up to show a regretful decision often made against one’s morality. Essentially it’s an indicator of temptation, which is not something I’m super excited to see, especially because my list of temptations is stupidly short. I have not one clue as to what this card could be referencing for me today, but you better believe I’m going to keep a skeptical eye on anything that comes up. Magick work talk under the Read More. Continue reading “5/21/16 | Daily Tarot & Current Magick Work”

5/20/16 | Morning Tarot & Ritual

Today’s card is the Prince of Wands:


The Prince of Wands is one of those happy, energetic, compassionate types, and is rather into encouraging others and helping their development. He’s kind of a shining white knight kind of personality. Obviously this is my deck being a little snarky with me, since I’m chilling with my babies in the house today.¬† Continue reading “5/20/16 | Morning Tarot & Ritual”