5/21/16 | Daily Tarot & Current Magick Work

Today’s card is the Seven of Cups (AKA; Lord of Debauch):


This card often comes up to show a regretful decision often made against one’s morality. Essentially it’s an indicator of temptation, which is not something I’m super excited to see, especially because my list of temptations is stupidly short. I have not one clue as to what this card could be referencing for me today, but you better believe I’m going to keep a skeptical eye on anything that comes up. Magick work talk under the Read More.

Today I’m collecting rainwater for a (for lack of a better term) psychic clarity spell. I will be using it with some rose oil, a bit of bay leaf from my herb window box, and fresh lemon juice to make a steamer. It all just goes into a pot on the stove and I’ll use it like one would like a makeshift face steamer and it’ll help me open up both my pores and my eyes. It’s always nice to hit two birds with one stone. #PracticalMagick. I’ll do a bit more in depth run down when I actually get to doing it, so I’ll likely post again tonight/this afternoon.

My ancestor work is going fantastically. I refreshed their coffee and tobacco this morning and at lunch I plan to bring them some bread with honey and some water, and to light up some frankincense so I can get more ritual slowly introduced into my day with them. Last night I took a bath with a bathbomb from Witch Baby Soap, which was formulated with Lavender and Yarrow for prophetic dreaming, and when used releases a sliver of Amethyst into the tub. I mediated (*cough*relaxed*cough) in the tub with the Amethyst in the center of my forehead and back toward my hairline. The meditation was just a simple “travel up a staircase into the next plane” type of thing, and after I got out went immediately to my altar and placed the stone into my working basket for my ancestors to help charge. I’ll be using that stone in the spell I plan to work tonight as well.

More to come later on today~



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