2/26/2016 | Daily Tarot

Today’s Card is the Empress:


The Empress is pretty self explanatory, embodying that classic “Mother” vibe. She’s a defender, a builder, an unconditional lover. You, know, that kind of thing. (continued under Read More)

I’m taking this in the meaning I got when I first saw it today, which was to strive to be as much like her as I can, but I’m also taking it as my Lady probably would like some special attention today. I get caught up in the whims of the Immortals (kinda like Saints, I guess, but not really at the same time; I’ll have to write a post about it I’m sure) so often that I get a little side tracked from the Divines. I definitely have to make sure I do something for her today. She’d probably appreciate even just a lit candle, but I wanna make sure to give up an offering. She puts up with so much shit, she deserves more than just that. If I get the chance to go above and beyond with it I’ll make a post about it.


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