Right, Right.

So, I’ve been gone a second, obviously. Deepest apologies. I’ve been a bit busy with life. My littlest baby has learned how to walk and climb, and that’s been requiring quite a bit of constant attention, and that’s really a bit of an aside. My mother, grandfather, and third cousin (I call him Uncle), and my in-laws and niece, are coming up from The South to visit me all at once (This Friday-Saturday till next for my in-laws, and a month for everyone else), and I’m trying to find us a new house because the apartment situation in Washington is goddamned out of control.

That being said, money doesn’t grow on trees, so before they can get down here I’m gonna throw around some charms to be working in our favor. I’ve got a seven day money candle, which I’ll be burning in our room on the altar, as well as a few smaller things (my favorite is cinnamon and bay in the dresser drawers) that’ve always worked extremely well for me in the past. The hard part’s gonna be keeping my husband and I’s mind off it for the full seven days so it can work its absolute best. The magick I work always does best if I barely think about it. Which reminds me, I’ve got a story from when I was young and didn’t understand magick quite so well I need to type up for this blog. A warning type thing for younger people, I guess.

Anyway, the point of this entry is to say I’m gonna be a bit spotty with posts this month due to an overwhelming amount of things happening all at once, but I should be right back to it next month, and I’ll update whenever I can this month.



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