6/13/16 Daily Tarot & The Joy of Artsy Pagan Relatives

Today’s card is the Lord of Truce (Four of Swords):tarot

A hilarious jab at me from my deck and Grandmother Time there, as my mother and my husband’s parents and niece have left and I am in the process of taking back my house today. The Lord of Truce often signifies a resting period after a stressful event. It’s not peace really, but a respite between fights, the next fight being moving within the next month. I’m actually extremely tickled at this pull today.

I also wanted to share a lovely present my husband’s brother-in-law sent us. He’s really amazing at making Craft tools, and I’m absolutely in love with this, because I’ve never actually had the chance to own one before now.


It’s absolutely beautiful and the perfect size to go over the door or on our altar. I hope the man makes an Etsy one of these days, because his pieces are amazing. I have got to find his Celtic Mythology book he loaned me and send it back to him because he is on the ball and I’ve needed to find and send it back for months.



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