Day 1 | 30 Days of Deity Devotion

Well, our family has all gone home and the energy in the house has returned to normal. With that I’d like to start a challenge. I plan to work through this with every Deity and Immortal I work with, so it’ll be kind of a daily thing till I get through the lot of them. Also, certain days will be left out as I can’t really do them because my deities aren’t… well, traditional, I suppose is the best way to put that. It starts below the Read More.

Right, so the first day is supposed to be a brief introduction of the deity. I’m gonna start with The General. The General is a god of constant war. His philosophies and practices run like the military; chain of command, brotherhood, and getting to the solution as efficiently as possible kinda stuff. I’m actually doing him first because I have the least in common with him, and feel I need to nourish that. I have a really great relationship with him regardless, and honestly his energy and presence is like family to me. Most likely because my father’s been in the military since I was born, and my husband is now. He’s a big muscular type, a man in his prime. My husband sees him as a young man, twenty something, I’m sure, but I see that as being a middle aged man if I’m going to be honest. He’s clean shaven, short dark hair, medium complexion, full-plate armor, armed with a sword, and stood upright without being rigid.  He also has a fantastic sense of humor.

I’m trying to leave a bunch for the following days, so I’m trying to be as vague as possible here today. I may post later on tonight as well, but I’m not sure yet. Today has been a very emotionally intense day and I actually feel that The General would be a great someone to petition about it.



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