Day 2 | 30 Days of Deity Devotion

The second day in this challenge is, “How did you first become aware of this deity?”

This is a fun question for me. The short answer is that I found him through my husband. The long answer is; my husband does a thing he calls Weaving. You become a hero in the world he’s been the caretaker/curator of since he was a kid and he Weaves that hero’s story into the mythos with the help of the decisions you make, the people you talk to, and the actions you take (yeah, it’s kind of like a one man D&D with no math, I won’t lie). It’s a really interesting and addicting process (I’m not the only one who’s done it by a long shot). Any way, the first time I met The General was during my very first session doing this. Now, my husband had talked about him briefly before this, so when he came up in the Weave I knew exactly who I was seeing/hearing. He couldn’t get his hands on my hero (she’d been promised to Lady Death already via Grandmother Time) so his first words to me were, “Dammit! Don’t worry, I’ll getcha next time kid”. I’m sure the life lessons I’ll get from that one will be an interesting sort.

I’ll be making a separate post for my Daily Tarot. I feel like these shouldn’t be smashed together.



5 thoughts on “Day 2 | 30 Days of Deity Devotion

    1. Sure! So if you’re new, you create a version of you to walk about the plane with the help of my husband. You go over what you look like, every scar, every freckle, everything. You tell him your name and I personally like to do a meditation in which I piece my other version over myself like a second skin just to get really good into the mind set. Then he tells you exactly who you are: where you come from, family, friends, social and political climates where you’re from (you decide what you believe) and occasionally he may even let you know if Fate has chosen the person you’ve made to be a hero or more. After all that it always starts the same way, “you wake up”. That’s when it really begins. From there you make decisions, talk to anyone and everyone around you, set goals, and create change on the plane through the conduit of the Story Weaver (my husband in this case). Its a really interesting process. It’s almost like a one person D&D without the math, with only two people, and a man whose worked on the entire world for almost 12 years. We take it a step further with meditations and spiritual work, but he often does the regular bits with a few close friends as well.

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