6/14/16 Daily Tarot

Today’s Card is The Lord of Works (AKA The Three of Disks):


The Lord of Works is one of my most favorite cards. No big wonder there, as I’m a Capricorn Sun (and Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune, oh my) and this card is, well:


…Capricorn. “All hail the Goat”, as Joel would say. Any whom, The Lord of Works is often an indicator of reward after a bunch of work and focus you’ve put into something. Other times it’s an indicator that NOW is the time to put in that focus and work. I know that this is in relation to my language studies. Last night I sort of broke through a barrier with it where I could actually get at least 70% of what I was looking at and it was magickal in its own right. I think this is a push towards remembering that language isn’t something you stop focusing on once you understand a bit of it, and requires a continual focus.

I’m also using it to remember I’ve gotta focus on getting my house packed up! If I can pack a box or two every day, when the move out day comes it’ll be a lot easier to get done.




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