Day 4 | 30 Days of Deity Devotion

The challenge for today is to talk about one’s favorite myth or myths about the deity they’re working on. 

My favorite myth about The General is about how he came to be a god in the first place. He had lost a soldier he was very close to, and went to be alone and drink. A woman came to him and offered to buy him another after some time and talk to him. He didn’t realize that this woman was the sister of the soldier he had lost and that she blamed him for her death; and how could he, she was a spy as it later turns out. She poisoned him and he died physically, but she had no idea that his armies believed in him enough to ascend him to the place of a God. It was good but awful timing as well. The gods (there used to be a lot more) were in the midst of a war that was being fought off plane when The General ascended. During that time his physical body was placed in sanctuary inside a building, referred to here as The Tower, until the gods returned (or what was left of them honestly) thousands of years later. His soldiers never lost faith he’d return though, and when he did return he found himself the spurrer of one of the biggest faiths on the plane.

There’s so much I’ve left out here and details I’ve smudged both for time’s sake and for discretion, but this is my favorite myth of him so far because of his relationship with his soldiers. Not to mention that it gives a good view into why he is the god he is. It’s also something I’d like to throw in for my own personal entertainment, that The General’s mother is/was a Goddess amongst dragons and when he ascended the reason that his icon is a hydra was because of that blood tie.

Hilariously that tidbit will be coming up tomorrow and I’ll elaborate on it then.




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