6/21/16 Daily Tarot & Days 7-1o | 30 Days of Deity Devotion

Holy hell. “I’ll be back to posting regularly tomorrow! Blah blah blah,” Four damn days later and here I am. Ya’ll forgive me. Here’s an extra long post.

Today’s Card(s) are:


So… The story here is that I drew Defeat, but didn’t believe it because this morning is going great, so I redrew AND GOT FUCKING DISAPPOINTMENT. Then I decided to take a different approach because, obviously the number of the day is a five no matter how I think this morning feels, and said, “Okay, Fate, how do I work with this and make my day good as hell regardless, because I’m not doing this shit today,” and low and behold, The Princess of Disks.


The Princess of Disks is a shy, managerial type, that’s kind of concerned with domestic order and that kind of thing. She’s empathetic, sympathetic, orderly, kind, and on the threshold of motherhood. I’m thinking the big lesson for today is to keep working regardless, and to try and be as empathetic to my babies and husband as I can. Which… is a good lesson, honestly. Thanks, Fate.


Now! Deity Devotion, days seven through ten!

7) Names and epithets

The General is an epithet. I don’t refer to any of my gods by their names on here. I also like to call him “Big Red” “Uncle D” and “Eternally Exhausted Suit of Armor”. Because I’m a shit.

8) Variations on this deity (aspects, regional forms, etc.)

HAHA. Well, in the plane the people of the Lava Flats have a variation on him, that’s basically the same, but… Uh. I think he has three aspects that matter. Like, Militaristic God King, General (After The Silver Bastard took over), and then Martyr. Side note, I think he’s also the only one that has martyrs.

9) Common mistakes about this deity

Well, I think it’s safe to say I can skip this particular question every time I do this challenge.

10) Offerings – historical and UPG

Whiskey, Beer, that kind of thing. I can’t imagine him liking an offering of tobacco for some reason. It’s just not… him. Weapons are also a good one. Dragons Blood incense too.



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